To The Moon and Back Event Blogger Application

The Moon & Back Event is an event for kids & families, We are looking for bloggers!

Below are the requirements of what we are looking for:

Must have at least 3 months of experience as a Blogger.
(If not you can still apply and I could help you learn and grow in your blogging progress.)

If your blog contains adult oriented (r-rated/x-rated) content, Please be willing to make a child friendly blog.
(this means creating a new Flickr and blog website if needed. Thank You)

Must have space to add groups that we may need you to join!

You will have Assigned Designers. (Details will be explained if chosen)
We have 3 rounds with date ranges for when products should be blogged.
Event starts on 12th of every month and runs until the last day of each month!

You must tag the owners of the event and store owners in your blog post on Facebook so we can see it!

Make sure you post in the group(s) by sending notices of all your posts.

Blogger Frames will be in the hangout area for bloggers to touch frames for the designers items.

This is a requirement! All blogs must be tagged in all posts! With the links below!
(If you use items from other creator's in the blog, give them credit by tagging them if it's possible, at least one link that you can find for them like MP, SLURL, FB, Etc.)

To the Moon and Back Event Fb Page:

To the Moon and Back Event Group:

To the Moon and Back Event Flickr:

To the Moon and Back Event LM:

Tag the Owner Mary On Fb:

If accepted as a blogger you will receive a NC in-world saying you are accepted and a group invite ! \o/

Thank you for your interest in blogging for us!

Event Owners:
MaryRenesmee Nova
Renesmee Nova
Jym Nova

To The Moon and Back Event Logo

What is your SL User Name?

This means First and Last name used to login to Second Life - Not your display name

Current Blog Link Used?

Current Blog Name Used?

What is your Flickr Link?

What is your Facebook Link?

How many times a month do you blog?

How long have you been blogging?

What bodies do you have for blogging?

Select all that apply.

If we feel your Flickr & Blog site contain adult content, are you willing to create a new Flickr & Blog site to meet our g-rated requirements?

Do you understand all the requirements?

Provide any other info you think we need to know.

Example: Partners that would need the same BlogPack Deliveries?