To The Moon and Back Event Designer Application

The Moon & Back Event is an event for kids and families! PG Items only

To the Moon and Back Event is a Kid and Family Friendly Event and the February theme is "No Theme" \o/
If you would like to participate in this round please fill out the app below and we will get back to you!

In the event we have many Guest Designers and Permanent Designers and we welcome you to apply for either.
(We would like to know ASAP if you plan to become a permanent designer with the event. Select in the application)

The Event Opens on the 12th of every month and ends the last day of each month

To have a spot in the event the fee is 300L$ for normal booths and 500L$ for sponsor booths.
Payments are due in the office no later than the 8th of the month you plan to participate in.
If you can't pay by the 8th, you need to let us know ASAP, otherwise you forfeit your place and we will offer it to someone else.

Designers will need to have their booth set up between the 1st-10th. The 11th Seraphim takes pictures and the 12th We're Open!
(Please have your BlogPack Delivery Frames setup ASAP so bloggers can be assigned and time to get it done.)

We will need to approve your items before you set up in your booth.
So you will need to provide us with an Ad for your product(s) so we can approve of it.
No copyright items! Items can only be full perm (with the proper permissions) or original mesh.
All textures used, need to verify they are royalty free, and not restricted to a personal use license.
We will need these ads by the 4th of each month. I will also be using the ads to post to a "Shopping Guide" online.

After you've paid we will invite you to the group that allows you to rez your items in the event area.

Designers will have 25 prims for the normal booths and 50 prims for the sponsor booths.
(Additional prims can be made available at an additional charge, however, keep your booths neat and clean.)

All designers are REQUIRED (No exceptions) to provide a blog pack for our Blog system frames.
(You do not need to do fatpacks for bloggers, just try to provide at least two variations)
(Our system assigns specific bloggers so they all can't just take what they want, protecting your products)

Seraphim will only blog non-copyright/royalty free exclusive items and they must be labeled "Exclusive"
(We provide a 3D Text sign, or use your own) Seraphim will skip any Booths not completely set up by the midnight on the 10th.

We have event bloggers and we provide the BlogPack delivery system frames that are to be used.
In our office is a hang out area with a dedignated area where you will rez your frame on the wall.
Only bloggers that have been registered and assigned to you are able to touch your frame.
Frame is delivered to you from the payment box that you will have paid for your booth.

If you can't have your booth setup on time, please put out a box or sign at your booth that says "check back later" (or something similar)
This will help inform shoppers you will be there soon, you're just running a bit late!

Thank you!

Event Owners:
MaryRenesmee Nova
Renesmee Nova
Jym Nova

To The Moon and Back Event Logo

Have you read everything above and understand what is required?

What is your SL User Name?

This means First and Last name used to login to Second Life - Not your display name

What is the name of your store?

Do you have a business partner that will also need the group and tags?

If so, Please add their First and Last name used to login to Second Life - Not their display name

Your In-World store SLURL?

Just type "None" (no quotes) if you don't have one.

SLURL is the Map URL - For example:

Your Marketplace store URL?

Just type "None" (no quotes) if you don't have one.

What type(s) of items do you make?

Just a reminder in case you missed it:
Designers are REQUIRED to use our blog pack delivery system.
Do you Accept?

If you do not have a frame setup by the 10th, you will be asked to correct it by the 12th.
If you do not, we will return your items and eject you with no refund.

Would you be interested in being a permanent designer?

Would you be interested in being a sponsor for the event?

If you would like to be a Sponsor, how do you plan to sponsor us?
We do charge extra for the booth. However, the booths are larger, we provide additional prims, extra blogging, and advertising.

Sponsor definition: An individual that pays some or all of the costs involved in supporting an event in return for advertising.

Here are a few Suggestions that will help support the event:

Event Gift - Group Gift (If Group Gift, please consider using the Event Group to help with future events)

GiftCard Minimum Balance 25L$
GiftCard Maximum Balance or Product - Use your discretion
You are allowed to limit the Quantity of GiftCards, I would suggest no less than 10 GiftCards
(Easily done using CasperVend - Product Edit Page. You can limit quantity and sales to 1 per avatar).

Why Gifts? - Simple: It's incentive to bring people to the event. Helps you and other designers when they buy.

Donations - If you prefer not to provide a gift of any kind, help us out financially.

If you don't want to do anything except pay for the booth, we have plenty of regular booths available.

Provide any other info you think we need to know.

Example: Additional Partners that would need be able to rez in your booth?